Thursday, April 17, 2008

Political Commercials, wrapping up the unit

Today's lesson went VERY well with all of the classes. I feel like video is always effective at keeping the attention of the students and keeping them engaged. They understood the concept, from step 4 to step 6, they enjoyed watching the videos, had quick and precise reactions (for the most part), and breezed through the analysis worksheet of a specific ad. They quickly pointed out language choices, color, music, and other things used to influence, and understood the purpose. They were able to quickly spot subliminal messages and immediately identify which type of ad was playing (negative, warm and fuzzy (positive), humorous, or scary). I was very pleased with this lesson and I think it might have equipped them with the most useful media literacy skills of any lesson so far.

We were able to start in each class their final product, their personal media literacy plan. They will continue to work on those tomorrow. These should serve as commitments they are making to be more critical of media messages and learn how to get their information in a smart and savvy way.


Dr. Adrea said...

I'm intrigued that video holds their attention and that they are able to read it so readily. It would seem that they have a fine-tuned literacy here. In what ways do you think that might be built upon in subsequent units?

Samantha said...

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ScottAU said...

Ya...they definitely have much enhanced literacy skills when it comes to video, and even analyzing these subliminal messages, because, after all, it's the media they use the most. They were surprisingly able to detect a lot more, and more quickly than I might have thought. I think using video is definitely something to continue with in further units, but maybe finding better ways to link video media to writing or reading activities and hopefully take advantage of that engagement.