Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Detecting Bias in the News

Monday April 14-

Today's classes were a bit scattered as I divided time up between trying to put some finishing touches on their media ownership poster project and start the next lesson on detecting bias in the news. Managing the two of these tasks made transitions difficult and definitely lost some students in that process. Step 6 was also off the walls rowdy today and could not concentrate on their work at all. Students were frequently cursing, leading me to pull one student aside to address the issue. Classroom management became very difficult in this situation where they were all feeding off of each other. After class I discussed this with the other teachers, we shared concerns, and my cooperating teacher talked to them one on one during study hall.

In step 5 I did start the detecting bias lesson, but only briefly got into reading the article. With Wednesday off this week we have essentially 3 more days to finish 3 lesson plans now- detecting bias, analyzing political commercials, and writing their final media plans.


Dr. Adrea said...

Okay, so we may be seeing a bit of backtracking with the classroom management. What else was going on that day? Were students off on the 16th for Emancipation Day? Were many of the students involved in activities related to the Pope's visit?

ScottAU said...

Students were off on the 16th and that could be partly responsible...probably not so much involved in activities with the Pope. Luckily, we recovered in the next couple of days.