Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 1 (B)- Political Preference

Today in each class we picked up where we left off the day before, mostly finishing off political and media definitions. The primary activity of each class today was the difference between the Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. We also did the political preference quiz. To distinguish between the party's I printed out positions on many different issues, had students in group try to place that view under which party or part of the political spectrum might believe that position. I also handed out a broad political and media spectrum that I made so that students can get as to where different political figures fit on the political spectrum. For the most part we didn't get to the media figures so we will catch up on that. The students tried to name each person on the spectrum and then fill in their worksheet.

For the most part the students were excited to see what their political preferences were. This activity definitely got a couple students excited as classroom debate broke out in the Step 5 class. This activity definitely made it seem like it would be a good idea to have some class debates on some of these issues later in the year. Students are very opinionated, and although mostly liberal, have conservative views on things like gay marriage and abortion.

Along with the political preference quiz it was definitely necessary to do some explaining what each question so that students understood the sides of the issue and what each answer meant. The class generally behaved very well today and was engaged in the lesson, even some students who have not been in the past. I was pleased with what we accomplished.

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Dr. Adrea said...

So we're seeing both what students' interests are and how they might be built upon as well as possibilities for differentiation...