Monday, April 7, 2008

Media Ownership Lesson Planning

I promised I would use this blog when I needed some help with ideas so here goes:

Anyone have some ideas on how I can teach media ownership and consolidation in a very simple way to my students? I have found some great websites, but not really lesson plan or activity ideas. I would like them all to have one big company and make a poster detailing all of the media outlet that their assigned corporate giant owns, how it shows, and why it matters.

I need more ideas. Also...if anyone knows some fascinating stats on media ownership, that would also be excellent. Post comments below. Thanks!


Dr. Adrea said...

This is probably a bit late for what you need, but several years ago, The Nation published a diagram with the handful of large media companies and all of their subsidiaries. I don't know if that has been updated elsewhere. But, it seems like you could bring in some primary analysis of media sources that your students frequent and find out which companies those sources are connected to as stated and through funding. Each student could be responsible for researching one source; then the class would have to create some sort of diagram conveying their findings. This could actually be something that might be visited everyday, so students might end up researching two or three media sources during the unit. By the end of the unit, the chart might have to be redone, but it would visually demonstrate the connections (or not) between specific sources. Of course, you could make this more structured...

ScottAU said...

Thanks for the comment Adrea. I did actually use an updated version of this and the kids did poster projects where they revealed the ownership of each major media conglomerate. It was probably a longer project than we had time for, but was a good activity.