Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lesson 2: Fact V. Opinion

My objectives with this lesson was for students to be able to differentiate facts and opinions, neutral language and bias language, and to be able to recognize how a source may sometimes pass off an opinion as neutral or factual information. In addition I hoped that students could identify facts and opinions in the business plans they have been working on, and identify persuasive arguments to investors, and areas where they needed to add evidence.

Overall, the lesson went according to plan. I was surprised that I was able to get through everything that I had written into the plan and still had time left for the most part. In the first class I was able to get through the whole lesson and still have 10 minutes for them to work on how to make their business plans more effective using facts and opinions. In the second class we were also able to get to that point and since there were only two student, we were able to individually work on how to make their business plans more persuasive.

There are some things that I could have done, upon reflection. When the students were reading through the article out loud, it is important to correct their punctuation. Since many students might know the words but not the spelling, it is important to clarify how the word is pronounced. Also I could have emphasized more in the first class that although facts are verifiable, it is GOOD to have opinions, and you should express them often, but is important to be able to back them up. I emphasized that in the second class.

Overall, the worksheets and materials worked well, the editorial could have been shorter with less advanced vocabulary but we got through it, and the student participation was better than expected!


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