Monday, December 3, 2007

Takaki 14- jigsaw

The way that I would teach chapter 14 of Takaki would involved a jigsawing exercise so that so many topics can be covered in one class and students can gain insight into multiple perspectives. I will focus on the involvement of different groups in World War II. Students will be broken up into several groups : Japanese, Chinese, Indians (natives), Mexicans (chicanos), and African-Americans. Students will get into their groups and review chapter 14 seeking to answer the following questions about their given identity:

1. What was the contribution of your group to the American effort in World War II?

2. How was your group simultaneously being treated on the homefront? How were they recieved after the war? Did their rights generally improve? How about their socio-economic status?

3. If you were actually a member of your assigned group during World War II, would you want to serve in the American military? Why or why not?

Students will discuss in groups. Then the class will come back together and each group will give us the background on their group and how they have responded to these questions. IF we have time we may want to explore the question: Why is it that those with the least rights and status generally serve at a higher rate in the armed forces? Why are so many new citizens so eager to fight for their country?

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Rebecca said...

I wish we had done something like this in my history class, because I don't know know this aspect of WWII