Monday, November 19, 2007

Takaki 12 method

CNN report Rick Sanchez did a fantastic report on what it is like as a day laborer in the United States today. He disguised himself (which was easy to do since he is latino and speaks fluent spanish) as a day laborer and the camera's come along and record what life is like trying to get by as a hispanic laborer in the United States. I would start the lesson by discussing what conditions were like in the 1920's for Mexican immigrants and what it is like today. Students would review the key immigration facts at the bottom of this article and then list similarities between the 20's and today with Mexican immigrants.

I would then show students the Rick Sanchez report and then have them write a diary entry, putting themselves in the place of a Mexican day laborer in the United States. They should try to convey not only what happens on a typical day, but what life is like outside of their work, how it impacts them and their family, how they feel about being in America, etc... Here is a description of the Sanchez report.

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